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Simpleng Luto

Simpleng Luto Owner

Name: Phil Briz
No cooking school just an experience. When childhood in province always have a Food Trip with the friends he practiced cooking more on Gata foods or recipes with coconut milk.

Medilyn Briz

Name: Medilyn R. Briz
A mother of three and experienced having her own Carenderia or what we called Eatery. She practice her cooking skills via experience too. Mostly Lutong Bahay, also can cook some gourmet main dish recipes.

"A home cooking is the best for my kids nothing more nothing less, and beside you know exactly what you have put in the plate because I know that the person who will eat my food is my family."

Meriam Adornado

Name: Meriam Adornado
An experienced cook for a couple of years bringing local and foreign taste of food. Now settled in own place and still love to do the same.

"Experience make one person become great to their field of expertise. And as a cook there is a good recipe to be done, all is classic but we can make it to the next level. This is where we can make delicious and great food."

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